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Dear editor:

China -- Uses profits from shoddy products to stockpile raw materials. Will support stepchild regardless of official rhetoric. The ultimate goal is to confiscate the South. Such a goal has been achieved in the past by other government entities.

Sound familiar? The NC gov. (him) expects a bribe to temporarily act right; worked for Iran. Could the rockets be of Chinese origin?

Nine-mile freight moving fast and straight

Packed to the gills with hunerd-dollar bills

Moving so far away

Strange as it seems for those with the means

The world seems different somehow

Extortion, proportion, compromise, distortion

Normal for today to those who hold sway

Just make sure you're not in the way.

A good thing -- 26 minutes of commercials, four minutes of "news."

Be wary when the world loves you; be glad when the Christ does.

John Clark

Hot Springs

Editorial on 08/13/2017

Print Headline: China's ultimate goal

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