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Dear editor:

Well the hyenas have circled the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau (CFPB)! Trump put Mulvaney in charge, a man who called the agency "a sick, sad joke."

The bureau was established after the depression of 2008 to stop the "too big to fail" crooks from ripping us off while causing another crash! It is an independent entity, so it can be fair!

The bought and paid for politicians have tried to say the CFPB is unconstitutional because it has no congressional oversight (that is: the hyenas can't influence it).

Putting Mulvaney in to head the CFPB is the same as putting in Scott Pruitt to head the EPA.

It's as if crooks are now running the police department! They have attacked Dodd-Frank, ruined the CFPB and enacted protections for Wall Street so we can't use class action to sue them!

The ethically challenged oligarchy running the government doesn't care if we go through another depression, because "don't you see Potter's not selling, Potter is buying."

What's next, a tax cut for them and a redistribution of wealth by reverse Robin Hood?

Scott Ruff

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/01/2017

Print Headline: Save the CFPB

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