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Dear editor:

Have you noticed how Walmart is getting rid of more and more employees all the time, or at least cutting way back on their hours? I was in the store early one morning and there was only one lady trying to check out people at both the express lane and the regular one. She was having to go back and forth and explain to disgruntled people that she was the only one checking at that time. The self-checkout lanes were also blocked off.

The only reason Walmart has put in all these self-checkout lanes has to do with the bottom-line profits. Less employees, means more money in the CEOs' pockets.

I have talked with several of the employees and they have told me that they are barely getting enough hours to put food on their tables. Greed at the highest level!

I am certainly not getting paid to check my groceries and it wouldn't surprise me if they start expecting us to return all the carts from the lot and sweep the stores.

Cheryl Montemayor

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/05/2017

Print Headline: The bottom line

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