February 21, 2017

After the ban

This article was published February 13, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear editor:

What a great letter Bessie Sowell wrote ("Dismayed by disloyalty," Feb. 4). She questions why people would be disloyal to "our government's recent temporary immigration restrictions ... (as) a necessary precaution for our safety and the future of our country." I, too, am wondering why so many of our citizens insist on "Sleeping with the Enemy."

President Trump's first responsibility to us Americans is not to placate individual groups with an agenda, but to keep our entire nation as safe as possible. How ironic that on the same day as Sowell's letter there is a half-page article about the recent terrorist attack at the Louvre in Paris. What will it take to wake up some of our compatriots to the fact that immigration without assimilation is invasion!

Last year in Rome, my husband and I eagerly volunteered at an English-speaking church we were attending to help serve immigrant refugees from the very countries that are presently being barred from our shores. As retired schoolteachers, we were so looking forward to becoming acquainted with the mothers and children, but we arrived at the church to find a group of 500 hostile, surly (Sowell is spot-on when she describes them as "fighting-age") men only. The church basement was decorated to the hilt, lovely place mats made by the children of the church graced each place setting, and there was a plentiful supply of food and a gift for each man.

Unfortunately, no attempt was made on the part of church members to ask a blessing on the food (perhaps out of fear?), and it was really hard for us to stand there and watch these men literally gobble up God's provisions without seeming to be appreciative. How easy it would have been for these men with facial expressions and simple gestures to let us know they enjoyed the food and our company. Instead, we volunteers were watched with a jaundiced eye and were tolerated only because of our service. It was a very tense afternoon being up close and personal to a group of people who did not like us, and I definitely would not wish these men to come to our country. Would these same people be welcoming us to their countries?

After our temporary immigration ban, why couldn't we vet mostly hardworking immigrant families instead of large groups of single men. Married men with wives and children who want to assimilate with us and build good lives for themselves and be a part of our great nation would be welcomed with open arms!

Hilary Sikes

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 02/13/2017
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