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Dear editor:

Is Hot Springs really part of the USA? Does racism exist in Hot Springs?

I ask this because of what happened recently in a Hot Springs neighborhood. Residents of this neighborhood received a letter from a former Marine who has two tours in Vietnam in his past. You could say it was almost an apology to six residents of this 55-plus complex who had complained to the POA of his display of patriotism on his own property.

He flies flags daily, but what they complained of was a piece of yard art on his property he was using to conceal some type of unsightly utility apparatus. It was an emblem of the American flag tastefully painted on a wooden pallet. I noticed it my first time in the area after he got it and thought I would like to have one in my yard, also. One look at his very tidy and neat home and you know he is very patriotic and proud to be an American. Sadly, this has ended with him removing his piece of yard art. What does this say to this veteran about how these six feel of his sacrificing his life for our freedom and our right to fly our Red, White and Blue?

To this patriotic Marine, I say do not apologize for what you fought for and believe in. Express your patriotism however you wish. Place a few more bumper stickers on your vehicle, paint your house red, white and blue and light it up with the colors of Old Glory, you deserve it and I thank you for your service to our country.

Semper Fi to you and all Marines. For those of you who may not know, Semper Fi (Semper Fidelis) means always faithful. It is only proper for a non-Marine to say this to a Marine if you really mean it, so I feel it is OK for me to use it.

Yes, racism still exists in Hot Springs. There is another resident in this same area who was greeted with open arms when she happily bought a house and moved in. Her happiness was shortlived when the other residents discovered she has biracial grandchildren. Since that time, she has been shunned and nitpicked tremendously. It went to the extreme when a suggestion was made at a POA meeting that residents should not be allowed to bequeath their property to family members upon their demise. Yes, racism still exists in Hot Springs.

So, to the residents of this community who are participating in the above travesties, I say shame on you! You should thank God that you have the aforementioned people as neighbors.

Benna Williams

Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/14/2017

Print Headline: Be better neighbors

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