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Dear editor:

Yet again Mr. Scott Ruff has favored us with another letter that was published in The Sentinel-Record on Thursday, Feb. 16. As is typical of Mr. Ruff's writings, it contained more holes than a block of Swiss cheese. His letters produce a good deal of heat, but no light.

For example, he suggests that the masked rioting thugs are in fact Trump supporters sent to disrupt the event and make the peaceful demonstrators look bad. Perhaps. However, there is no proof of this, as opposed to the gentleman that admitted on video that he supervised a paid crew that he sent to Trump rallies to create havoc. He admits to being paid by the Hillary campaign. They even had a name for the operation, the DNC called it "Bird Dogging." This man also has an interesting quote that is a bit too risqué for me to place in here, but it can be easily Googled.

He also blatantly states that Ted Nugent had threaten to shoot Obama at all of his concerts. This abuses the right to make uninformed and unsubstantiated charges. Again typical of Mr. Ruff's writings. Any sixth-grader knows that if one threatens harm to the president, they would be hauled in immediately. Yet Mr. Ruff contends that this was an ongoing theme of Nugent's.

Mr. Ruff asks the question, how could Christians vote for an accused rapist and a racist? Well, Mr. Ruff, have you forgotten that Bill Clinton was elected twice? He also asks, "Why would an alleged rapist want to make abortion illegal?" I am sorry but I cannot make the connection between abortion and rape other than if the rape victim becomes pregnant as a result of the rape, she should be allowed to have an abortion. I respect the fact there are differences of opinions about abortion, but I don't know anyone that is in favor of rape. Certainly there is no connection between the two.

I am not attempting to dissuade Mr. Ruff from posting his letters. In fact, I appreciate the comic relief.

Cal Wilcox

Hot springs

Editorial on 02/17/2017

Print Headline: Holes in Trump letter

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