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This article was published January 11, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear editor:

New Year's miscellany. I heard a speaker discussing the rear view mirror last week and how we shouldn't waste time looking in the rear view mirror, which was 2016 with regret. TV talking heads go on and on about the past year. Personally, I "been there, done that," already!

In 1962, I was living in Tehran, and the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Services was the only English language radio I could get. One day, listening, Lucy ("I Love Lucy") had just shown her friend how handy the rear view mirror in her new car was. "You turn it just a little and you can put your lipstick on without stopping the car!" she elaborated. A few minutes later there was a show about someone flying around the world in space. "Hmm." I thought as I turned it off. I never cared for fantasy. Turns out it actually was John Glenn flying around the world in space! So much for rear view mirrors.

Anyway, I would rather do as the Good Book suggests: Forget those things which are behind and run the race that is set before us. I'd like to forget a number of things -- the wild national election, forget the sadness of family griefs, forget the pain of our physical weaknesses, forget the times when we've screwed up our lives. I'd even like to forget green lizards walking around on their hind legs selling car insurance and Marie's "13 pounds of stubborn belly fat," and yes, even the pillow that will give us the best night's sleep "in the whole wide world!"

Admittedly, some things cannot be left behind, but we must remember that the rest of that verse admonishes us to run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who, we are told, endured all that He did for the joy set before Him. I cannot imagine that Jesus would consider it "joy" to spend time with a sinner like me. But when Paul says to run this race with patience, it's like he's saying, "Hang in there, folks. God's going to make it all right!"

I hope the best for all of you my friends, and even for those of you who do not call me "friend." Who knows? Maybe this is the year that God will "make all things new!" as He promises in the book of Revelation (Chapter 21). Wouldn't that be awesome!

Pat Darnell

501-282- 3102

Hot Springs

Editorial on 01/11/2017

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