City Hall 'out of control'

This article was published November 6, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear editor:

What will our hired gun city manager do next? Our elected city officials have given the city manager authority to buy anything he wants without any approvals as long as the cost is less than $60,000. Maybe his next purchase will be an expensive "bass boat" to use to promote the city.

City Hall is "out of control" when an individual can approve purchases of $60,000 that essentially benefit him alone. If the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record hadn't of printed the fact a permit had been pulled to remodel his office, the public and elected city officials wouldn't have learned about the renovations and purchase of expensive furnishings. It was very egregious that the work had already been done before the permit was pulled.

CM Frasher was fired from his last job and then sued his employer and was awarded $400,000. Perhaps our board will fire him for being an "elitist" and settle with him for possibly half a million when he sues us (maybe he doesn't want a job, just large settlements). Of course, our elected officials chose to hire him knowing he was fired and had a pending lawsuit against his previous employer.

Fine stewards of taxpayer money our city board has turned out to be. Their worst act after hiring him was giving him authority to spend $60,000 without discussing it with anyone responsible for our budget. He should be terminated for his actions. Board members should minimally be ashamed of hiring him and giving him approval to spend a large sum of money without approval. The city elected officials should immediately revise the ordinance authorizing expenditures by the city manager to no more than $25,000, they should do what we elected them do and review significant purchases to determine they are justified and all in accordance with state laws.

What will be his next purchase, perhaps a bass boat to use to show visitors around?

George Pritchett

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/06/2017

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