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Dear editor:

Well, let's drop the flags to half-staff and have our minute of silence for the folks killed recently in the church shootout in Texas, and then we can go back to buying and selling guns to anyone who has the money, as usual. It seems our own, homegrown killers are outnumbering and out-killing the Muslim terrorists with guns and cars we are supposed to be so afraid of.

You know, if your number is up, it happens. The folks who were killed lately were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Let's see ... two groups were in church, worshipping. A bunch were at a concert ... you know, that country music really brings out the worst in people. Oh, there were the little kids in school and their teachers. A high school and a movie theater in Colorado. Several groups murdered while they were attending college. And don't forget the children who buy the farm while playing with loaded guns at home. It's getting so it is hardly safe to leave your house anymore or stay home!

Of course, we need to arm ourselves for our own protection. We need those big magazines and bump stocks in case the government ever comes after us law-abiding citizens. Who cares if these weapons fall into the wrong hands? Clearly the NRA doesn't.

Yes, I know ... it's supposed to be a mental health issue. But a whole lot of crazy people aren't at all interested in committing mass murder.

I've heard people say polls show most gun owners wouldn't mind a few rules about who can buy guns or background checks or waiting periods or maybe even making bump stocks and large magazines harder to get. But the NRA doesn't think that's good for the gun industry. Evidently our elected officials agree with them. Jobs and re-election, you know. And self-protection from the supposed crazies all around us.

Maybe we should all look in the mirror. To probably misquote Pogo, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Ann Hair

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/08/2017

Print Headline: Time to look in the mirror

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