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Hundreds of students from Garland County and the surrounding area will gather at the Lake Hamilton School District today and tomorrow for the regional choral showcase.

Region 3 of the Arkansas Choral Directors Association is hosting the Junior High-West and Senior High All-Region Clinic at Lake Hamilton. Nine honor choirs were selected from a blind audition process in October.

The total selections amounted to 360 students for six junior high choirs and 410 students in the senior high choirs. Senior high auditions were held at Lakeside on Oct. 14 and Arkadelphia on Oct. 21. The Junior High-East Clinic is being held in El Dorado.

Students will rehearse throughout the day today and Saturday. The Junior High-West choirs will perform today at 4:30 p.m. in Lake Hamilton Wolf Arena. The senior high concert will begin at 4:30 p.m. Saturday in the arena.

Both performances are free to attend and open to the public.

The top 20 chairs for each role in the senior high choirs qualify students to audition for the All-State Choir. All-State auditions will be held in February in Jonesboro.

The Sentinel-Record submitted a request to the Region 3 chair. Student lists were instead submitted to the newspaper by individual school districts.

More than 100 students from Lakeside were selected for the six All-Region honor choirs to perform at Lake Hamilton. More than 20 Lakeside students in the high school choirs earned All-State auditions, including two who earned first chair.

Noah McClanahan was named first chair for Bass 1. Kate Webb was named first chair for Soprano 2.

Lakeside's All-State qualifiers include Neelah Agus, Alto 2; Angel Baugh, Soprano 2; Bailey Case, Alto 1; Colton Cook, Bass 2; Sarah Cook, Alto 1; Montana Cramer, Alto 1; Chris Crowe, Bass 2; Caroline Dean, Alto 1; Scarlett Gooch, Soprano 1; Justin Grubbs, Tenor 1; Katelynn Hartsell, Alto 1; Andrew Igbokidi, Bass 1; Olivia Lawrence, Alto 2; Tori Lowry, Soprano 1; Sam Noverola, Bass 2; Judson Spellings, Bass 2; Abby Webb, Soprano 2; Kendal Webb, Alto 1; Jordan Williams, Alto 1; Katie Woodall, Alto 2; and Riley York, Tenor 2.

Other Lakeside students named All-Region were Zoe Cattaneo, Alto 1; Abrianna Chatman, Alto 2; Madison Connway, Alto 2; M.C. Cowen, Soprano 2; Courntey Cranton, Soprano 2; John Michael Fuller, Tenor 2; Taylor Gillham, Bass 2; Savannah Godwin, Soprano 2; Georgia Gooch, Soprano 1; Olivia Green, Alto 2; Cameron Hicks, Alto 1; Dale Horn, Bass 1; Nathan Jasnocha, Tenor 2; Jordan Kirby, Tenor 2; Hannah Melancon, Alto 2; Anna Rose Nagy, Soprano 2; Nathan Reynolds, Tenor 2;Allen Riley, Tenor 2; Tanner Roberts, Tenor 2; Marcus Rogers, Tenor 1; Kayla Streepey, Soprano 1; Anna Trapp, Soprano 2; Sebastian Turner, Bass 1; Lexi Waid, Alto 1; and Tyler Weatherford, Bass 2.

Lakeside saw even more students named All-Region at the junior high level. Madison McDonald, Soprano 2B, and Caleb Weed, Bass, earned the school's highest seats as both were named second chair.

All-Region Tenor 2 included Lakeside students Adrian Arias, Clayton Pittman, Jordan Mills, Evin Ashcroft, Caleb Ellis, Sam Hrdlicka, Ahmad Hamdan, Clint Martens, Caleb Rainey, Michael Dunn, Chase Vicentic, Cael Braughton and Andrew Burek. Alto B selections included Brittany Cranton, Alzae Allen, Allie Rowland, Jewel Ray, Kamryn Thompson, Madi Goodson, Kylie Farewell, Jasper Linwood, Savannah Maybery and Gracie Young.

Students from Lakeside named All-Region Bass are Abrahim Martin, Chris Horner, Landon Parchman, Ethan Arnold, Carlon Ellis, Dylan Bledsoe, Logan Tosh, Daylan Tompkins and Carter Buth. Alto A selections included Ryleigh Brandt, Lia Signorelli, Julianna Sy, Mikala Clendenin, Mikala Hixson, Taytum Hammett, Tara Willis and Kailynn Graves.

Soprano 1A selections included Krissy Richardson, Gabby Faulkner, Addison Dowdy, Hope Drake, Lilly Crabtree and Trinity Chapman. Additional selections include Lily Elvey, Soprano 2B; Jeremiah McIntosh, Tenor 1; Alyssa Rimkus, Soprano 1B; Abby Tedder, Soprano 2B; and Bethanie Witherspoon, Soprano 2A.

Jessieville High School students Ben Carey, Chloe Davis and Natalie Johnson qualified to audition for All-State. Additional senior high selections were Emily Hemund, Elleigh Lowery and Lillie Richards.

All-Region junior high students from Jessieville were Skyler Clayton, Justice Cole, Liz Cosby, Abigail Meredith, Autumn Noles, Annabel Robertson, Juliah Rogers, Ben Romero, Kayden Rowan, Alia Savall, Carley Seamon and Lawson Wideman.

Ke'Shon Ansley from Hot Springs World Class High School qualified for All-State auditions by earning third chair on Bass 2. Other Hot Springs students named All-Region were Zandora Chinwah, Alto 1; Maya Hopps, Alto 1; Teaijah Lambert, Alto 2; Alexsus Nellum, Alto 2; Savannah Ramos, Alto 1; Ernie Sartor, Bass 1; and Treveon Smith, Bass 1.

Fountain Lake Charter High School students named All-Region were Hank Binns, Tenor 2; Kristen Brown, Soprano 2; Isabel Butler, Alto 2; Aahna Combs, Alto 2; Johnathan Edwards, Tenor 1; Alvin Gregory, Tenor 1; Madison Thompson, Soprano 1; and Breann Williams, Soprano 1.

Students from Fountain Lake Middle School Cobra Digital Prep Academy named All-Region were Sammie Burkes, Soprano 1; Angela Coriaty; Destiny Krueger, Soprano 1; and Kenlee Motley, Soprano 1.

The junior high All-Region choirs include 21 students from Lake Hamilton Middle School's seventh-grade ensembles. Students in grades 7-9 auditioned for the junior high honor choirs.

Students selected from the school's ladies choir were Arianna Bliss, Jaden Elkin, Anastasia Grenier, Abbie Hefner, Aubrey Jennings; Annie Mayberry, Serenity McCaslin, Skyla McCormak, Emily Moody, Isabel Munoz, Leianna Netterville, Hannah Reed and Kaylee Schrader. Men's choir students selected were Set Cheresnick, Jimmy Cruz, Dakota Gaddis, Aiden Jacoby, Dorian James, Connor Knox, Levi Vincent and Joseph Willias.

Audition clinicians are chosen a year in advance and select a repertoire of music, which students learn and practice from the start of the school year. Lakeside High School choir director Mark Langley said the school offers four to five hours of extra practice time each week as students prepare for the auditions.

Students sing for about two minutes in their blind auditions for three to five judges. A sight-reading score is added for All-State auditions.

Local on 11/10/2017

Print Headline: All-Region singers slated for concerts

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