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Dear editor:

The Hot Springs Jazz Society had the honor of sending eight students from Arkansas to attend the University of Arkansas in Monticello's Jazz Camp this past summer. Below is a letter from one of those students who offered us an insight into their experience. We are tickled when given this opportunity to share in the student's experiences and wanted to also share the letter with your readers.

"This was my second year going to jazz camp at Monticello and I can easily say that the experience was even better than that of my first year! I suppose I'll start from the beginning. From the first day to the last, the faculty working the camp were wonderful and always willing/able to help with problems. I really liked that we were lodged in Royer Hall this year; though things such as suite bathrooms were nice in Bunkston Hall, it was far nicer to be in such close proximity to the band hall.

"As for the education of the camp, it was, once again, top notch! I took Theory I last year and moved up to Theory II this year. The experience was great and Mr. Knight was a wonderful teacher. I feel like, with a bit more research outside of the camp to reinforce what was taught, the concepts presented will greatly improve my improvisation skills. I also appreciated the Jazz history class was not a series of videos, but actually had a teacher speaking about it.

"Finally, as always, the master classes and private lesson with Mr. Paul Henry were enriching. It's so cool that the camp has access to wonderful musicians such as him. I hope to return next year!"


Christopher Thompson

Mena High School

Junior, bass guitar

Gretchen Taylor

HSJS executive director

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/24/2017

Print Headline: Jazzed for camp

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