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Dear editor:

Jan Kendrick (and family) wrote a very nice letter to the editor. Yes, the disparity in pay for the CMS superintendent and the teachers at the school is appalling. I understand the argument that Nancy Anderson's pay is in line with other schools in the area, but a $40,000 increase gives her a raise that is more than the total annual pay of some of the teachers. Along with the nearly $10,000 per month, she is provided a car and apparently an unlimited and unmonitored expense account. No wonder teacher morale is low.

During the current school year, very subtle raises were provided teachers based upon the state pay scale that rewards longevity. Most of these increases were in the 1 percent and 2 percent area, while nine teachers received no raise at all because they had more than 25 years' experience. Perhaps these are the very ones who should be rewarded -- at least with a bonus. I believe there are 12 new teachers this year -- underscoring the teacher turnover problems in the system (20 percent this year alone).

I don't think that teacher pay is the main reason for turnover. There are numerous reports of personality clashes between Anderson and teachers. Rather than tolerate Anderson, it is apparently common for teachers to retire or to seek employment elsewhere. These reports are coming to the surface as evidence begins to mount that Anderson uses intimidation and an abrasive personality as a common management style.

It appears that Anderson might have threatened the job security of any teacher who might be willing to talk with parents, the press or the school board about the personnel problems at Cutter. Ruling with such an iron fist, along with the shortage of copy paper and the limit on copies for use in the classroom, I am surprised that any teacher would be willing to work for the "School with the Big Heart." It really doesn't sound like the work environment that most of us would enjoy.

John Grillo

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/30/2017

Print Headline: Disparity in pay 'appalling'

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