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This article was published October 30, 2017 at 4:00 a.m.

Shelley Martin is currently accepting new students for personalized, customized musical instruction in their particular area of interest.

Martin offers the traditional method of instruction (reading music, developing technical skills), as well as a less structured, individually tailored method, depending on the student's preference. Her students range in age from 5 to 77, and in ability level from beginner to advanced.

She teaches and plays piano, flute, clarinet and saxophone, but also has many years of experience teaching all wind (band) instruments, with the exception of string instruments. As a professional musician, she has performed all styles of music in a variety of settings, as a soloist or member of a group. Examples include: church soloist, solo recitalist, orchestra, traditional band, show tune and opera settings, traditional jazz bands, and blues/jazz combos.

She has helped students who are interested in learning to play by ear, and has helped them develop their own ability to play by ear. "All students experience a widening of knowledge and increased listening skills, and no student is under obligation to continue study if the desired rate of progress is not being met," states the press release.

Martin's extensive and varied background includes eight years as a public school band director teaching students in grades five through 12, three years teaching music to students ages 3-13 in a private school, 11 years teaching flute at the university level, and more than 30 years as a performing musician/private instructor. She holds an undergraduate degree in music education and a graduate degree in flute performance.

"If you think Shelley Martin can help you musically, please call, text or email with your inquiries. She has the experience necessary to advise you appropriately if your interests might be better served by a different teacher, and will be glad to refer you to a qualified individual."

For information, call or text 501-282-8145, or email

Business on 10/30/2017
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