Earth Angel

This article was published January 12, 2018 at 4:00 a.m.

Be the Earth Angel of your block and encourage your neighbors to participate, help the elderly to get their recycling to the curb and take the initiative to start something great.

Due to the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Solid Waste collection for residential garbage and recycling will be one day late, for example Monday's route will be picked up on Tuesday, Tuesday's on Wednesday, etc.

For more information about our services, call the Solid Waste Department, 321-6911.

Last week, Earth Angels of Hot Springs recycled: 88 pounds, aluminum cans; 3,133 pounds, newspaper; 531 pounds, corrugated cardboard; 11,540 pounds, yard waste; 637 pounds, plastic. A total of 8 tons of recyclable materials were kept out of the landfill!

Collection schedule

Today: Whittington/Quapaw-Prospect

Monday: Holiday

Tuesday: Jaycee Park/Oaklawn-Henderson

Wednesday: Richard/Airport- Family Park

Thursday: Grove/Files Road-Higdon Ferry

Jan. 19: McAuley-Greenwood

Jan. 20: Hobson-Plain

Information provided by the city of Hot Springs Solid Waste Department

Society on 01/12/2018
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