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Dear editor:

Rebuttal to "Turning a blind eye," May 27, 2018. The writer states, "Never in the history of our country have I seen such pay for play graft and corruption in our White House and government, yet excuse after excuse is given this person. Something not afforded the Democratic president or party."

Seriously? Maybe I can enlighten, I'll try to be gentle.

The Clintons are pros at "pay for play." Just ask Vlad and all the leaders of other foreign countries who have contributed millions to the "Clinton Foundation." (Can you see Hillary turning loose of 15 cents to someone in need?)

Your POTUS Barack Hussein Obama's White House and Hillary signed off on 20 percent of our uranium. They got away with that, didn't they? Democrats. To their friend, Vlad. (Tell Vlad after the election I can be more flexible, it will be my last election -- Barack's famous hot mike words.)

When Barack and Michelle won the top job in America, instead of being thankful and setting out to help the black population still at the bottom of the heap, Michelle insulted every proud, successful black American by saying "For the first time in 'my' adult life I'm proud to be an American" and Barack steered clear of dangerous city streets, preferring golf courses and galloping up and down the steps to Air Force One! Democrats.

Donald Trump loves America and God. He's not the one who went out of country and insulted America and Christians. That was POTUS Barack Hussein Obama. Democrat.

It was not Donald Trump who kept his lips sealed while our cops were humiliated in American streets. That was POTUS Barack Hussein Obama, the same one who once said the cops were stupid.

It was not Donald Trump who denied protection to Americans at Benghazi, then lied when they were murdered by terrorists. That was Hillary, in the Obama White House. Democrats.

All these things have been done in plain view, right before our and God's eyes. Yet for Dems, there are not excuses, you would have to first acknowledge the wrongdoing. Which they never will.

For reasons only God knows, He is allowing the liberal agenda to be swallowed by way too many Americans who believe the lie that government can do a better job running their lives than they can. Prayer changes things. We Christian conservatives have an obligation to see people receive the blessed life that every person can achieve, with the pride that it will bring.

I still believe that it is important to speak out on the things that we know are not good for the American people, but the most important, vital tool is prayer. We serve a mighty God who can move mountains.

God bless America, President Donald J. Trump, military, law enforcement, firefighters and all those in need.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

P.S. If you can't see the graciousness Donald extends to others, it's only because you don't want to see it. It's so welcome!

Editorial on 06/13/2018

Print Headline: In plain view

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