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Dear editor:

I think there should be an FBI investigation. Remember nothing Blasey Ford had testified to was corroborated by anybody. Even someone she had called her good friend could not under penalty of law back her up. In order to delay things she said she was afraid of flying; this was refuted by an ex-boyfriend who said she even flew on small prop planes. The prosecutor the Republicans brought in asked her if she had ever prompted anyone on how to pass a polygraph, she replied no, she was asked that question because the prosecutor already knew the ex had testified she had indeed helped prompt someone on taking a polygraph. She had been asked who paid for her polygraph and said she didn't know.

Who did pay for all this prompting or might I say coaching? Never mentioned this to anyone for about 25 years but it seems with a little coaching she started to see it all so clearly. Remember she is also a California Democrat.

There are about 15 judges on a short list likely to be nominated by Trump if he should get another chance. The Democrats know who they are and you can bet they have already identified Democrat woman who went to high school or college with them. How many of them are being coached to pass a polygraph? How many of them are being coached into remembering an event that may never have happened? Do you realize how this hurts a woman's cause who may actually have been molested and may wonder if anyone will believe them? I might refer to the Tawana Brawley case led by the charlatan Al Sharpton later proved to be based on lies and the Duke Lacrosse case led by an overzealous Democrat prosecutor, once again based on lies.

We do need a number of investigations. One into the money used to fund a phony story of Russian collusion and now we need to know is George Soros or some other far left wing nut funding this obstruction of our democracy?

Larry Bauer

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 10/11/2018

Print Headline: Investigations needed

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