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Dear editor:

This letter is in response to a letter by Mr. Bill Wiedmann that appeared on Aug. 27. In it, in response to another letter, he proceeds to trash President Trump with numerous bits of misinformation, half truths and outright falsehoods, too many to address in this limited word letter.

He even tried to say that "Obama's eight-year administration was successful and a stark contrast to our current one." This gave me a chuckle. Of course, he didn't give any examples of these so-called successes. However, I can sure list his failures. Slowest recovery from a recession in American history, $11 trillion in additional debt, a failed health care plan based on lies, GDP never getting over 3 percent, over regulation, significant increases of Americans on welfare and Food Stamps, Benghazi, Hillary email scandal, pulling out of Iraq against military advice which led to the creation of ISIS, creation of identity politics, IRS's heavy-handedness against conservative groups, I could go and on. I see no successes coming from President Obama's eight years.

However, under President Trump, in just a short time there have been some significant successes. Significant growth in the economy, GDP over 4 percent and possibly approaching 5 percent next quarter, burdensome regulations cut, unemployment at record lows, particularly for minorities, tax cuts for everybody (businesses and individuals) despite liberal claims to the contrary, stronger military, reworking trade deals that have been detrimental to the country, increasing sanctions on Russia, getting one constitutional justice appointed to the SC and working on a second, and more.

All this despite a bogus investigation into so-called Russian collusion that has found nothing to date, Democrat (and some establishment Republican) congressional obstruction, liberal federal judges coming up with questionable rulings to upend some of his executive orders, and the liberal biased press that puts out 90 percent negative press on the man.

Finally, I will agree with Mr. Wiedmann's final paragraph, in which he states "in a democracy (we are actually a democratic republic, but close enough) the people get to decide who will preside over and represent them. That is what makes America great." He is right and back in 2016, the people elected Donald Trump despite his flaws to try and get our country moving again and proving he is the solution. He has succeeded and hopefully our country is smart enough to keep Republicans in power, so the successes will continue.

Mike Williams

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 09/03/2018

Print Headline: Trump has succeeded

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