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Dear editor:

For your readers who get "information" from Fox News or The National Enquirer (same owner), here are a few of the great accomplishments of President Obama.

Obama's quarterly GDP hit 3 percent or higher eight times; had a record 73 straight months of job growth; added 15.5 million jobs; dropped the unemployment rate over 5 percentage points; got Osama bin Laden; reversed Bush's torture policies; saved the auto industry; net neutrality; Wall Street reform.

Obamacare may have saved my life and that of my daughter. Because of pre-existing conditions, I was unable to get coverage. If all the governors in this country were as great as Asa Hutchinson, taking the Medicaid expansion, millions more people would have coverage. If Marco Rubio would not have stripped away the risk corridors, more insurance would be available and prices would have dropped instead of going up. You can tell health care is my No. 1 issue.

Obama also did credit card reforms, cut veteran homelessness in half, expanded overtime pay and cut the yearly deficit from 9.8 to 3.2 of GDP.

Obama does not get credit for withdrawing troops from Iraq in 2011. That was a deal Bush made before he left office.

Another thing Fox News never gives Obama credit for is getting Gaddafi! You can tell who watches Fox, because they always keep talking about Benghazi. Four Americans were tragically killed there after Obama got Gaddafi and Fox wants their minions to keep talking about Benghazi instead of praising Obama. Reagan got 160 U.S. servicemen killed at an embassy in Lebanon. We didn't waste 8 million of our tax dollars investigating Reagan and trying to blame the Secretary of State.

Trump compares himself to Honest Abe. He is nowhere close, except that he could cause a civil war. If Trump really wants to be the best president, he could establish universal health care. That would truly make America and Americans great again!

Scott Ruff

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/06/2018

Print Headline: Obama's accomplishments

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