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Dear editor:

I write this letter in full and unwavering support of the Mid-America Science Museum (MASM) and fully encourage our citizens of Hot Springs to vote yes Sept. 4-11, 2018, for Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead.

Tourism is the No. 1 industry in our community (6.7 million visitors annually) and the museum is an integral element supporting this commercial enterprise. To keep our area as the top tourist destination in Arkansas, we must continue to grow and improve our product. Thus, we need the MASM to grow and raise its presence.

The bond issue being proposed will not increase any taxes. There is no hidden agenda. It simply guarantees the payment for the costs associated with the improvements and expansion of the new exhibit area from an existing "voluntary" tax (you only pay the tax if you stay in a hotel or eat at a restaurant within the city).

The MASM has been a pioneer in hands-on-education and was awarded the National Medal for Community Service by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Therefore, vote yes!

The MASM adds to the quality of life in Hot Springs and the surrounding area. Therefore, vote yes!

The MASM offers learning opportunities that encourages interest in science, technology, engineering, math and art. Therefore, vote yes!

The MASM sponsors summer camps to educate our children with fun and exciting programs. Therefore, vote yes!

The MASM works with our school districts to add to the learning opportunities of our youths. Therefore, vote yes!

The MASM brings exhibits to our community and will recruit bigger and better exhibits if the issue is approved. Therefore, vote yes!

Let's continue to grow our NO. 1 industry. Vote yes to support our children, the Mid-America Science Museum and our community.

Stuart Fleischner, DDS

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/07/2018

Print Headline: 'Yes' to museum bond

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