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Dear editor:

Mr. Mike Williams' letter of Sept. 3 to you was very interesting and explained clearly the reasoning for votes for President Trump.

I will add that government agencies were told to stand down by Obama administration officials with regard to illicit drugs being funneled into this country through Middle East countries because they didn't want to jeopardize his ill-conceived Iranian nuclear deal, which never became a treaty because it wouldn't be ratified by the Congress. Many Americans have become unemployable and unable to conduct their lives because of their addictions to whatever illegal substances are available, at least some of those substances available because of the criminal negligence of the Obama administration.

Benghazi is another debacle engineered by the Obama administration. I am one voter who will never forget men were left behind and those heroes were never accorded the status they were due when their bodies were returned. Although I don't consider myself a Republican, Benghazi and the government response is the main reason I will never vote for another Democrat. The centrists no longer lead that party.

It is sad that two men, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, whose administrations did the most damage in this century to an already fragile Middle East situation, have found it their "duty" to inject political opinions into a benefit for Hurricane Harvey relief and an overly politicized funeral for Sen. John McCain.

And some wonder why voters like myself voted for President Trump? We are fed up with dynastic politicians and political strategists who hype personality and perceived perfection of character rather than honest policy to voting citizens. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

Janet Riccio

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/08/2018

Print Headline: Why Trump was elected

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