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Dear editor:

Benefit of the doubt as opposed to a surefire cure.

As in the Bible, the Constitution outlines principles without extensive detail. Therefore, gross misinterpretation results. Paul wrote concerning priests/church leaders/evangelicals, "I would rather (you) not marry;" not an absolute prohibition.

The court concerns itself with principles rather than admit practical concerns. Ex: young women porno is free speech; promoting violence is OK providing its "only a game;" "a well ordered militia" allows nut cases with machine guns; insanity pleas are accepted as auto-default of the defense; by precedent, juries are led to believe a death sentence is not really.

Jesus said: (Our) fight is not against flesh and blood, but government and principalities.

John Clark

Hot Springs

P.S. Expect to see "pursuit of happiness" presented as a criminal defense.

Editorial on 09/09/2018

Print Headline: Gross misinterpretations

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