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Dear editor:

This is going to make a few people mad, but the mass majority will love it. I love dogs, cats and pets of all kinds. They have an important part in our tranquillity and our society. But they don't have a part in our grocery stores. I'm not talking about service animals here, I'm talking about Snuggles, Ring and Lovie. Service animals are trained and meet strict requirements. The rest, not so much. Walmart may not care if Snuggles uses the bathroom on the grocery cart, but I do.

Picture this. True story today. Wife at deli counter at Walmart. Woman in front with small dog in cart full of food items. Woman's son: "I sure hope he doesn't use the bathroom on the groceries." Well, I hope he doesn't use the bathroom on the next cart I get. Walmart (and the rest) provides sanitizing cloths to prevent the spread of disease from one person to the next, but that does nothing for the cart itself and what is left behind (pun) from the last pet. Makes you want to go buy some hamburger doesn't it? How did this get started?

I go into Lowes -- dogs, grocery stores -- dogs. Makes me want to buy a Savannah cat (always wanted one, look it up), he could eat the dog and the hamburger. Don't get me wrong, service animals are an exception and clearly defined by law. My cats stay at home, they prefer to. I am not cruel. I share my meals with my cats. I shared my meals with all my pets. And in your house, I have no problem, your pet, your house, your rules. But please leave your pets at home. Or at least out of Walmart, since they don't have the backbone to say no.

Yes there are stores that allow pets to walk, be carried or ride in grocery cart and that might increase some business. But there are also some that don't, that also can increase business. I will be looking for the ones that don't.

Ted C. Burhenn

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/14/2018

Print Headline: Leave pets at home

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