Close to the heart of the world

The murderous attack on the Maryland newspaper was horrible, but sadly it was not surprising. I would hazard to guess that there isn't a newspaper in the country that hasn't had threats of violence from time to time.

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The odds of winning

If you are a betting person, and all of us are on some things, how would you like to place your hope of winning on something truly important when the odds are minuscule? Now, when I say something truly important, I am talking about your children and grandchildren, specifically those who play sports.

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Pompeo wants nuke details from Kim

TOKYO -- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to arrive in Pyongyang on Friday for his first visit since last month's summit in Singapore, and one of his biggest tasks will be to dispel growing skepticism over whether North Korean leader Kim Jong Un really intends to abandon his nuclear arsenal.

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Heads in the sand

Dear editor: I must, respectfully, disagree with the assertion of D. Brown (June 29, 2018) that liberals fail to offer solutions for the problems they describe and decry. Liberals, mostly Democrats and independents, have proposed approaches to and, often, solutions for many of the problems which our country faces. Unfortunately, Republicans obstruct, deny or refuse to consider these and our president is incapable of understanding the gravity of the problems or the nature of the solutions.

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Draft dodgers

Dear editor: With July Fourth here, many Americans' thoughts turn to patriotism. In that vein, a letter appeared in The Sentinel-Record from Mike Williams. Mr. Williams took issue with a previous letter from Gary Vogt. Mr. Vogt had labeled President Trump a Vietnam draft dodger. Mr. Williams, using a dictionary definition, distinguished between legal draft avoidance and illegal draft evasion. Then, with an interestingly detailed account of Trump's draft record, defended the president in his avoidance of military service during the Vietnam War.

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School protection units

Dear editor: We need a highly effective means of protecting school children and school personnel and we have a National Guard unit in many towns.

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