Lower the rhetoric

Dear editor: In a letter by Mr. Michael Preble on Oct 27, he declared "the price of human life, a big arms deal and presidential integrity." Of course, he is referring to President Trump and how he is dealing with the apparent murder of Saudi citizen and Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi. Evidently, he (and others) feel President Trump should cancel a multibillion dollar arms deal (I suppose they could always buy from China or Russia) which would provide thousands of jobs and revenue to a major American company and the U.S. Treasury, and perhaps permanently damage our relations with a major Middle East ally strictly over this. While what happened is tragic and wrong, to do what Mr. Preble and apparently others want is extremely shortsighted and naive. Should the U.S. protest it and let the Saudis know this is unacceptable, you bet, but to go any further than that defies common sense and doesn't look at the bigger picture. One other thing to remember: he is a Saudi citizen and, at least to some degree, it's none of the U.S.'s business. He was a popular member of the Washington, D.C., cocktail circuit and a journalist, thus all the attention. If this were a Saudi citizen with no connection to our country, we would never hear about it. This sounds insensitive, however, it is reality.

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