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Lawmakers rethinking capital gains tax proposal

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas lawmakers may change Gov. Asa Hutchinson's middle-class tax cut package to roll back its proposed repeal of a $21 million capital gains tax break that lawmakers approved two years ago, the chairman of the House panel considering the measure said Monday.

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Questions still surround future of state Medicaid plan

LITTLE ROCK -- While Gov. Asa Hutchinson has made it clear he wants to keep Arkansas' compromise Medicaid expansion in place through the end of next year, what's less certain is what happens after that for the thousands receiving health coverage through the program.

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Ark. Senate committee advances tax-cut plan

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson's campaign promise to reduce income taxes for thousands of middle-class residents advanced to a Senate vote Wednesday, after lawmakers amended the proposal to repeal a $21 million capital gains tax cut approved two years ago.

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State faces challenge in trying to revamp Medicaid plan

LITTLE ROCK -- Supporters of Arkansas' "private option" agree that keeping the state's compromise Medicaid expansion alive is going to require overhauling a program providing coverage to thousands of residents. The challenge is coming up with changes that can win the support of federal officials and skeptical lawmakers on both sides of the debate.

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Federal appeals court hears Ark., N.D. abortion cases

ST. LOUIS -- A closely watched legal fight over two of the nation's most stringent abortion bans resumed Tuesday, with attorneys for Arkansas and North Dakota asking a federal appeals court to reinstate two laws overturned by two separate lower federal courts.

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