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HS 1228 heads to governor

INDIANAPOLIS -- Indiana Gov. Mike Pence asked lawmakers Tuesday to send him a clarification of the state's new religious-freedom law later this week, while Arkansas legislators passed a similar measure, despite criticism that it is a thinly disguised attempt to permit discrimination against gays.

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Indiana lawmakers try to quiet firestorm surrounding new law

INDIANAPOLIS -- Gov. Mike Pence called off public appearances Monday and sports officials planned an "Indy Welcomes All" campaign ahead of this weekend's NCAA Final Four in Indianapolis as lawmakers scrambled to quiet the firestorm over a new law that has much of the country portraying Indiana as a state of intolerance.

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House advances bill to help restart executions

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas House members endorsed a bill Thursday allowing different drugs to be used in lethal injections, in a measure aimed at helping restart executions in the state that an attorney for some death row inmates warned would lead to more litigation.

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Arkansas Senate approves religious protection bill

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas inched closer Friday toward becoming the second state this year to adopt a law that critics say would sanction discrimination against gays and lesbians, with the state Senate approving a religious protection bill.

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State Senate backs ban on informal transfers of adoptees

LITTLE ROCK -- The Arkansas Senate unanimously approved measures Thursday banning the informal transfer of adopted children known as "re-homing" -- proposals prompted by a lawmaker who gave away his adopted daughters to a man who later admitted to sexually assaulting one of them.

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Gov. Hutchinson releases information about DHS review

LITTLE ROCK -- A national advocacy group has pledged $25,000 to pay for an independent review of Arkansas' human services agency following revelations that a lawmaker gave his adopted daughter to a man who later sexually abused her, Gov. Asa Hutchinson's office said Wednesday.

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