September 20, 2014

State News

Cotton defends farm bill vote in new television ad

LITTLE ROCK -- Republican U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton defended his vote against the farm bill in a new television ad Thursday, pushing back on an issue where Democrats are trying to cast him as out of touch with rural Arkansas.

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Arkansas requests changes to 'private option'

LITTLE ROCK -- Arkansas asked the federal government Monday to allow changes to the state's compromise Medicaid expansion that would require some participants to contribute monthly to health savings accounts and would impose new limits on transportation for non-emergency services.

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Arkansas asks court to uphold gay marriage ban

LITTLE ROCK -- A county judge was wrong to find that Arkansas' ban on same-sex marriage violated the state and federal constitutions, the attorney general's office argued Monday as it asked the state's highest court to uphold the prohibition.

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Groups launch effort to promote federal health law

LITTLE ROCK -- Several Arkansas advocacy groups announced Tuesday they were partnering to promote enrollment options through the federal health care law, saying they hoped to help fill the void left by legislation blocking the state from funding similar efforts.

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Cargill rejects calls to move Arkansas hog farm

Minnesota-based food processor Cargill said Monday that it has no intention to shutter or relocate an Arkansas hog farm, despite concerns from environmentalists who say the operation poses a pollution threat to the nearby Buffalo River.

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