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Sunday deadlines

The deadline for engagements, weddings and anniversaries is noon Monday, to be published in the following Sunday's paper. Engagement announcements must be published at least two weeks before the wedding but not more than three months; and wedding write-ups must be published within two months following the ceremony. Forms will be emailed, faxed or mailed upon request.

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Register for Village Walk for Cancer Research

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE -- Carolyn Hartnett grew up in Los Angeles and enjoyed life as a country girl, states the press release. She met her husband, Mike, at LA Tech when she was a freshman and they married after graduation. Hartnett has been a stay-at-home mom and office manager for a medical practice. The Hartnetts loved to travel and heard about the Village while on a trip to Colorado. They "checked out the Village" in 2001, bought a lot on the Granada golf course, built their dream home in 2010 and moved into it in 2011. "Life was good."

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The Caring Place

The Caring Place of Hot Springs provides respite for caregivers and families of people with dementia through a supervised program for participants in a safe and comfortable environment.

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HSV Lifelong Learning Open House set Friday

HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE -- The Lifelong Learning Institute of Hot Springs Village welcomeds all Villagers to a free Open House at the Police Academy Training Center, corner of Balearic and Ponderosa, from 2-6 p.m. Friday. Complimentary gourmet pizza will be served, prepared by Culinary Arts Chef Craig Barlow, who will be new chef at Dolce Vita and will teach a culinary class for Lifelong Learning this fall.

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A flawed but earnest cartoonist biopic from Van Sant

Macabre is a word often associated with the late cartoonist John Callahan. He's the man who in his widely published cartoons, drawn in his signature squiggly style, poked fun at lesbians, Chinese people, the handicapped, women, Oprah, Alzheimer's patients, chiropractors and even sexual harassment in a cartoon that features a woman showing cleavage in a tight dress telling her similarly outfitted colleague "'s only sexual harassment if they're not dateable." His website proudly featured all the "hate mail" sent to the newspapers that published his cartoons. It's extensive.

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Nancy Sinatra Sr. dies at 101

LOS ANGELES -- Nancy Sinatra Sr., the childhood sweetheart of Frank Sinatra who became the first of his four wives and the mother of his three children, has died. She was 101.

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