September 18, 2014

National News

House grudgingly approves arms for Syrian rebels

WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled House voted grudgingly Wednesday to give the administration authority to train and arm Syrian rebels as President Barack Obama emphasized anew that American forces "do not and will not have a combat mission" in the struggle against Islamic State militants in either Iraq or Syria.

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House panel: Safety agency mishandled GM recall

WASHINGTON -- The agency responsible for safety on the nation's roads was years late in detecting a deadly problem with General Motors cars and lacks the expertise to oversee increasingly complex vehicles, congressional Republicans charged in a report Tuesday.

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Once-troubled reverse mortgages poised for rebound

WASHINGTON -- Advertised as a path to an affordable retirement, federally insured reverse mortgages are showing signs of a rebound, drawing the scrutiny of regulators seeking to reduce historically high default rates that have cost the government billions.

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Decades later, Vietnam soldiers get Medal of Honor

WASHINGTON -- Two Vietnam War soldiers -- one still living, one killed in action -- received the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony on Monday, nearly 50 years after they threw themselves into harm's way to protect their brothers in combat. President Barack Obama praised the soldiers as patriots whose sacrifices had never been fully realized by a nation divided over the legacy of the Vietnam War.

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Pa. State Police identify trooper killed in ambush

BLOOMING GROVE, Pa. -- A late-night ambush outside a state police barracks in Pennsylvania's rural northeastern corner left one trooper dead and another critically wounded, and authorities scoured the densely wooded countryside and beyond on Saturday looking for the shooter or shooters.

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Crews battle California wildfire amid heat wave

SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Hundreds of firefighters battled both flames and triple-digit temperatures Saturday as they sought to contain a wildfire that forced people to flee about 30 homes near Southern California's Cleveland National Forest.

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Feds chase treasure hunter turned fugitive

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- One of the last times anyone ever saw Tommy Thompson, he was walking on the pool deck of a Florida mansion wearing nothing but eye glasses, leather shoes, black socks and underwear, his brown hair growing wild.

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Alien-like giant water-living dinosaur unveiled

WASHINGTON -- Picture the fearsome creatures of "Jurassic Park" crossed with the shark from "Jaws." Then super-size to the biggest predator ever to roam Earth. Now add a crocodile snout as big as a person and feet like a duck's.

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Silicon Valley struggles to speak FDA's language

WASHINGTON -- From Apple's new smartwatch that tracks heartbeats to contact lenses that measure blood sugar -- Silicon Valley is pouring billions into gadgets and apps designed to transform health care. But the tech giants that have famously disrupted so many industries are now facing their own unexpected disruption: regulation.

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