Downtown businesses team up for Easter

Two of the oldest family owned businesses in downtown Hot Springs are teaming up for a Easter treat to delight visitors and locals alike, according to Anne Marcus, co-owner of the Toy Chest, and Lori Jack, public relations and sales representative at the Savory Pantry.

The Toy Chest, founded in 1989, and the Savory Pantry, founded in 1998, will collaborate to create customized "Downtown Easter Baskets" for all ages from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday.

"It's a great way to celebrate Easter," Jack said.

Shoppers interested in creating baskets can purchase a stuffed toy, book or any of the various items available at the Toy Chest, then take their purchases to the Savory Pantry where they can select from chocolate and other "small batch" products for sale at the Savory Pantry. Shoppers will be able to choose from a variety of baskets, which can be shrink-wrapped and given the final touches for a small additional fee to give the finished baskets a professional look.

"We'll make it beautiful," Jack said.

Jack said the Toy Chest and Savory Pantry offer selections for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age.

Pre-made baskets are also available ranging from $25-$75. The cost of custom baskets depends on what the shopper wants to include.

In the future, both businesses hope to collaborate with other downtown family owned businesses for Easter and other events.

"We are looking forward to more events like this downtown," Marcus said.

Jack said the goal of this event is to foster awareness of what is available downtown, especially at the Toy Chest. She said she has spoken to residents who have lived in the Hot Springs area for years and didn't know about the downtown businesses, but she hopes this event will be the first step to changing that.

Marcus said she is really excited about "all the good stuff going on in downtown Hot Springs."

When Keely DeSalvo, owner of the Savory Pantry, first came up with the idea to create downtown inspired Easter baskets, Jack said they knew the Savory Pantry had to partner with the Toy Chest to make it a success.

"Come see what we have downtown, and you will be surprised," said Jack.

Local on 03/07/2016

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