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The Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences, and the Arts recently held two overlapping summer camps for students.

The school welcomed 52 rising sophomores to campus June 18-23 for the Summer Arts Bridge. The six-day, five-night camp included interactive sessions about art, acoustics and music, computer programming and mathematics.

Funding from the Windgate Foundation allowed instructor Brad Wreyford to offer Studio Art. Instructors James Katowich and Brian Monson taught the Folk Music and Acoustics class.

The Nerd Computational Analysis, Math and Programming was held the same dates to help students understand the links between different subjects through classes in mobile application development, number theory and other mathematics principles.

The courses emphasized conceptual understanding, multiple representations and connections, mathematical modeling, mathematical problem solving technology and alternative assessments. Classes were led by math instructors Walt Levisee and Caleb Grisham, computer science instructor Denise Gregory and computer science education specialist Daniel Moix.

School on 07/30/2017

Print Headline: ASMSA campus hosts concurrent summer camps

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