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Dear editor:

Dear Oaklawn: We, the people of Hot Springs, have three requests.

1. Your expansion will increase traffic accidents as well as pedestrian accidents; therefore, you need to fund traffic construction to alleviate traffic jams and create pedestrian safety. Turning Golf Links Road into four lanes of traffic is a good idea. Central is bad for parking and there are plenty of real estate options behind Oaklawn for parking and your future casino.

2. Oaklawn racing and electronic skills should be one entity only. Oaklawn casino needs to be a separate entity located far enough behind the race track to create traffic flow, etc.

3. The police and the fire departments will need special mobilization spots in or around your casino for immediate crisis response.

These requests are reasonable and modestly expensive. You're going to make a fortune, so we're asking for you to do your civic responsibility and do this right. I am most willing to sit down and discuss these requests further. We are very hopeful you will consider our reasonable requests.

Michael P. Lucas

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/02/2018

Print Headline: Three requests

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