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Dear editor:

Rebuttals to 11-25-18 "Ridiculous statement" and "An easy quiz."

First -- God bless Larry!

I was going to write two long rebuttals to Gary and Noah but decided just to tell Gary that maybe the reason Larry (and others) call Democrats the party of hate is because for two years they have paid mobs to launch attacks, both verbal and physical, on anything Trump. I will use "cruelty" instead of hate for the Dems' "fake" sympathy for the caravan. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows the Dems are planning on signing them up as Democrats for future votes. Note -- if our government would wise up and stop paying able-bodied men and women not to work, there would be no caravan and the bad guys would be easy to nab.

Some people don't want to admit they are Democrats, so they claim they are open-minded, then proceed to bash Republicans (as in "An easy quiz," I will credit Noah for admitting everything free and uncontrolled migration are idiotic).

What party took "pay for play" millions from enemies of America? (Russia and Bill and Hill in particular).

What party's POTUS bad-mouthed America and Christians on foreign soil? (the one who's been to 57 states?)

What party's POTUS put weapons into the hands of terrorists (stupidly) with no penalty?

What party's POTUS honored a traitor while shunning his own troubled black brothers and sisters? Eight long years -- zero help for them.

What party's secretary of state said it doesn't matter who killed Americans?

What party's president had an affair, in the White House, while living there with his "Mrs.", then with the blessing of his party, unashamedly hit the campaign trail for his "Mrs."?

It's an easy quiz, Noah. A single answer should suffice.

My son spoke on Sunday on how we can know Jesus, only by the spirit.

Our previous president was fine with replacing the joyous phrase "Merry Christmas" with "Happy holidays," leaving Jesus out of Christmas.

We Christians were wimps, and caved. Jesus was crucified mercilessly for us, that our sins could be forgiven. God's word will never change, though man has been trying hard, with too much success, to do so.

Politics are here to stay, and it's something we have to deal with, but God gave us the way we should go, and to do otherwise won't work. We allowed God to be taken out of schools and about every place but homes and church. What party, Noah, is more responsible in promoting this? President Donald J. Trump has brought saying "Merry Christmas" back. That speaks volumes.

I was kidding about keeping it short. Merry Christmas! Thank you. God bless America and President Trump. America, bless God!

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/05/2018

Print Headline: An easy quiz

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