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Dear editor:

The Garland County Republican clan boasted loudly when they won almost 100 percent of the elected offices. Two recent The Sentinel-Record articles show how well they have spent our money from winning recent special elections. Saturday's headline stated that the King bypass vote propaganda was overblown with promises of several interchange improvements in town as part of the deal but now they are saying there will be money for only one!

Sunday's article was about the new jail and how they are running short on money to run it. If you remember it took them two tries to get that vote passed and they promised lower crime rates, less early releases, and a safer community. Any of that true now? Voters approved $41 million to build a "state-of-the-art jail" but only six of the eight units have ever been open and more money is now needed, over our three-eights-cent added permanent tax.

What is next on our politician's wish list for a special election/tax increase? Central Avenue is crowded now, what will be needed to support Oaklawn's big expansion? National Park College has grand expansion plans, when will they support a tax increase for them? Growth is great for businesses, it gets you elected, but the voters get stuck by the over promises and more taxes to pay!

Jim Pumphrey

Garland County

Editorial on 12/05/2018

Print Headline: More taxes coming?

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