Time and money

Dear editor:

To my fellow Arkansans who might want to know how your representatives in Congress are spending their time and your money (and this all happened in just this last week!):

First, they sit idle while EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt is spending your tax dollars like a drunken sailor on shore leave, not to mention allowing big corporations to plunder and pillage our environment. He is the worst threat to our planet since the invention of the atomic bomb.

Second, the new budget bill, fully supported by all of our congressmen, increases funding for fossil-fuel technologies (coal) while cutting energy-efficiency and renewable energy programs. This will mean unclean water our children drink, encourages pollution of our oceans and threatens already endangered species. They have no intention to confront the idea of climate change. This is in the face of more and more catastrophic storms, floods, forest fires, tornadoes and rising sea levels. Can I interest you in waterfront property?

Third, they voted to fund a special audit of Robert Mueller's investigation. This is not only unnecessary but borders on constitutional interference with our entire justice system. They are trying to delay the inevitable possibility our leader will be proven guilty as charged.

Fourth, they approved an amendment to prohibit any funds that would regulate the social cost of carbon. This will result as a tax on the nation's poor. This is like saying climate change has no real cost and no one will get hurt. Watched the weather lately?

Fourth, voted against a bill that would press Congress and the "president" to make good on his promise to start the infrastructure program (roads, bridges, highways, water sources, transit systems, schools and VA facilities). This would create millions of new jobs building for the 21st century. We have worst roads, bridges and train systems than most Third World countries. But by all means, we can spend big bucks on building "the wall!"

Fifth and finally, they passed a bill that would cut numerous domestic programs with children's health insurance receiving the largest cut of $1.2 billion over 10 years. So much for those self-promoting photos with poor kids.

If you still think our representatives have your interest at heart, think again. Their No. 1 goal is to stay in office, cater to lobbyist and line the pockets of their big corporate donors, not to mention their own! Lord help us what they might do in the next session.

So if you don't believe this and rely on Faux News and the lies our congressmen are spewing, you have no one to blame but yourself. Just please don't forget you have a choice, a voice and a vote. Use it!

R. Bruce Smith

Hot Springs

Editorial on 06/15/2018