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Dear friends of Books, Bags & Bears for Our Children:

Recently Zeta Chi members and board officers completed the year by "bagging" 25-plus books and bears for 68 excited young readers from our local primary schools. Each child received an individualized "bag" of 25-plus books, including a dictionary and a "reading buddy" teddy bear.

The general board wishes to thank our 2016-17 financial contributors: Kye-YAC (Kye Masino); Dorothy Morris, Hot Springs Community Foundation, Mrs. Zina Nugent, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spicer, Mrs. Cheryl Denton, Mrs. Jean Gershner, Mrs. Betty Millsap, Mrs. Wayma Rowe, Ms. Carol Pratt, Hiriam Cooper and Rebecca Whelan for providing the funds for us to purchase over 1,800 books at transportation costs of $.45 to $.75 from First Books.

We also thank the many individuals who assisted in various ways to enable us to continue to enrich the lives of "at-risk" children and families.

The books are stored at the Arkansas Career Training Institute (ACTI), staff member Nancy Shelton and other ACTI employees assisted Zeta Chi members in moving the books that were bagged by Zeta Chi members and board members. Zeta Chi members provided some of the teddy bear "reading buddies." Charles Spicer, Bill Sanders, John McFerrin and Ray Mattis assisted in moving the books.

On Wednesday, April 18, we delivered "bags" of books and "reading buddies" to students at Hot Springs Primary Schools, Lake Hamilton, Lakeside, Fountain Lake, Jessieville and Mountain Pine. The staff at these schools were extremely appreciative of our efforts to include many students for special recognition on their "Awards" programs.

We are looking forward to continuing this project in 2017-18 as we have ordered over 450 books from First Books.

For further information, contact Ann Becker, Donations may be sent to "Bookcases For Our Children," P.O. Box 6246, Hot Springs, AR 71902.

Ann Becker, Stephanie Fite, B.K. Carney, Joan Teague, Fran Blanchet, Roberta Hatcher, Brenda Lumpkin, Ann Head, Peggy Holt, Joyce Frizzell, Penny Formby and Charles Spicer

General board members

Bookcases For Our Children

Editorial on 05/13/2018

Print Headline: Books, Bags & Bears

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