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Dear editor:

A letter writer recently pointed to attributes for Hayden Shamel, challenger to incumbent Bruce Westerman in the fall 4th Congressional District election.

Although I agreed with the letter, the previous writer was correct in opining Shamel has no chance. Her campaign is being poorly run (the writer actually didn't even know she was a female), while Westerman has a professional campaign staff with unlimited finances via the likes of the NRA and the Koch brothers. In fairness, Shamel's staff is likely volunteer based and she herself has a full-time teaching job. Nonetheless, it's no match for Westerman's political machine.

And while David did sling a stone and strike the Philistine, it's not going to happen here.

One needs look no further than this paper and the disproportionate coverage provided. Westerman apparently needs to say "jump" and our local paper asks "how high?" Twice last week, on May 2 and again on May 4, the congressman showed up at local events for a free photo op and front-page coverage to take credit for announcements by Timber Automation and Hot Springs Metro Partnership. Westerman had the audacity to imply he was a part of local job creation, expansion and business openings.

Let's be clear: politicians don't create jobs, other than government ones. Westerman had the temerity to tout the Tax Cuts and Jobs Acts recently passed, even though at one point he was quoted in this paper as (rightfully) being against it, as it is projected to add $3 trillion to our national deficit. Talk about speaking out of both sides of the mouth.

So while Shamel's campaign may be underfinanced and poorly organized, I would ask only one thing from our outstanding local paper: if you're going to come running every time Bruce calls and asks you for free publicity, at least ask him a couple of tough questions.

Chris Covington

Hot Springs

Editorial on 05/13/2018

Print Headline: Political machine wins

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