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Dear editor:

I was saddened to see our great city make statewide news with the district court race of Graham and Barrett. Saddened that of all the wonderful things Hot Springs has to offer, it's the pathetic actions of a city employee that is making the news.

How can the actions of Joe Graham go unnoticed and unpunished? It's obvious from the comments he made on the news that he doesn't think his actions were a big deal. Just trying to lighten the mood in the office -- seriously? This man was entrusted with confidential case pictures and chose to photocopy and distribute pornography. The fact that he thought no one was bothered by it is even more disturbing. Who would be OK with that? It makes me wonder if this the norm for Mr. Graham and the staff have learned to turn a blind eye.

I hope his actions are investigated and Mr. Graham does the right thing and removes his name from the ballot. Politics aside, it's about human decency and doing what's right. What's to stop this from happening again? What if it's your friends or family's case that is used to "lighten the mood " in an office?

I'd love to see your staff look into this and provide the citizens of our great city with some assurance that our rights are protected.

Cathy Rasmussen

A sad citizen of Garland County

Editorial on 05/14/2018

Print Headline: 'Pathetic' actions

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