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Dear editor:

I am amazed that the election commission has had so many ballot problems reported. Are the people running the commission not qualified to know a proper district, or do they not have a proofreader for the ballots before they send them out to be used?

My sister and I did early voting this election and she was shocked to learn that on the first day polls had to stop for incorrect ballots being used. And now here we have more problems, so tell me, are the "bad ballots" going to be counted with the rest of them or how does the election commission know "what a person voted for or against?" I mean, do the people casting those ballots get to "see" their first ballot numbers removed or are they just contacted to come revote?

I think maybe we shouldn't be doing an "early voting." That way, the commission will have plenty of time to read the candidates and districts to be sure they are correct. And I certainly am against mailing out ballots to people. Sounds like they want their job done for them, and what if you are given an incorrect ballot, how would you go about getting a correct one? Just a few thoughts on the poor quality of our election this session. I'm glad it's not a presidential election.

L.J. Gibson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 11/04/2018

Print Headline: Election problems

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