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(as listed on the ballot)

U.S. Congress District 4

Hayden Catherine Shamel (D): 9,736

Tom Canada (L): 557

Representative Bruce Westerman (R): 20,639

Write-in (NP): 24


Jared K. Henderson (D): 8,628

Mark West (L): 921

Governor Asa Hutchinson (R): 21,403

Lieutenant governor

Frank Gilbert (L): 852

Lt. Governor Tim Griffin (R): 21,058

Anthony Bland (D): 9,031

Attorney general

Kerry Hicks (L): 843

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge (R): 20,146

Mike Lee (D): 9,949

Secretary of state

Christopher Olson (L): 834

John Thurston Commissioner of State Lands (R): 19,870

Susan Inman (D): 10,095

State treasurer

Ashley Ewald (L): 8,087

Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan (R): 22,130

State auditor

Auditor Andrea Lea (R): 22,501

David E. Dinwiddie (L): 7,581

Commissioner of state lands

T.J. Campbell (L): 969

Tommy Land (R): 19,036

Larry Williams (D): 10,815

State Senate District 14

Michael Colgrove (D): 7,516

Senator Bill Sample (R): 15,316

State Representative District 21

Stele Wayne James (D): 128

Representative Marcus E. Richmond (R): 465

State Representative District 22

Kevin Rogers (D): 3,091

Representative Mickey Gates (R): 5,491

State Representative District 24

J. Kent Percefull (I): 300

Representative Bruce Cozart (R): 6,241

Kallen K. Peret (D): 2,822

State Representative District 26

Representative Laurie Rushing (R): 1,292

Alan Bruce Hughes (D): 582

State Supreme Court Associate Justice Position 3

State Supreme Court Justice Courtney Goodson (NP): 15,268

David Sterling (NP): 13,903

Garland County circuit clerk

Circuit Clerk Jeannie Pike (R): 27,379

JP District 3

Eric Capaci (R): 815

Esther M. Dixon (D): 844

JP District 4

Justice of the Peace Jimmy Young (R): 1,602

Ray D. Stinson (D): 948

JP District 5

Justice of the Peace John Horner (R): 1,562

Nancy Hornstein (D): 864

JP District 9

Cortney McKee (D): 686

Justice of the Peace Matt McKee (R): 1,937

JP District 10

Anne M. Showalter (D): 529

Jim Sorrells (R): 1,406

JP District 11

Linda Lampman Ragsdale (D): 1,102

Ronald T. Hunter, Jr. (R): 2,374

Fountain Lake mayor

Jack C. Fields (NP): 119

Hot Springs mayor

Brenda Brandenburg (NP): 4,065

Mayor Pat McCabe (NP): 6,510

City board District 2

Director Elaine Jones (NP): 479

Billy Blackmon (NP): 276

LeDante Walker, Sr. (NP): 166

City board District 4

Dan Bugg (NP): 621

Carroll Weatherford (NP): 804

Dudley Webb III (NP): 716

City board District 5

Rick Ramick (NP): 852

Director Karen Garcia (NP): 1,530

Lonsdale mayor

Steven M. Snellback (NP): 51

Mountain Pine mayor

Chris Isom (NP): 33

Morgan Lee Wiles (NP): 107

James E. Long, Sr. (NP): 14

Ed N. Jones (NP): 37

MP alderman, Ward 3, Position 1

Dorothy Long Wilson (NP): 131

Rocky Carl (NP): 49

MP alderman, Ward 3, Position 2

Virginia Long (NP): 114

Jeremiah Long (NP): 58

MP alderman, Ward 4, Position 1

J.L. Long (NP): 88

Brandon Heller (NP): 96

NGCWD director, at large position 2

Dwayne Pratt (NP): 1,821

Donna Belote (NP): 1,184

Issue No. 2

For (NP): 25,223

Against (NP): 5,415

Issue No. 4

For (NP): 16,256

Against (NP): 13,309

Issue No. 5

For (NP): 21,200

Against (NP): 9,644

Source: Arkansas secretary of state, Garland County Election Commission.

Local on 11/08/2018

Print Headline: Final, unofficial election results

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