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Dear editor:

In a letter in today's paper, Oct. 4, Bud Kenny comments about a state representative, involved in a tax issue, sponsoring a bill to lower the statute of limitations.

Self-serving? One wonders ...

Closer to home, here in Hot Springs, we have two candidates for our local board of directors that want to represent two different districts, however, when they had the experience previously, they each experienced the wrath of the voters over their personal behavior. Mr. Weatherford, a candidate in District 4, was recalled from office, has run for this position once again and lost, but now he offers us another opportunity to have him as a director.

In District 5, we see Rick Ramick seeking the office he was driven from, and eventually resigned from, over not being able to meet the qualifications for residency in the district he was representing, but he was voting on the areas to be annexed, knowing he would qualify later, if the areas were made part of the city.

Doesn't this lead you to question what perks are attached to this position, that is not salaried, but provides opportunities to direct city regulations to favor oneself?

Think about your choices before you vote and save the city positions for those running to represent honestly, with the residents of Hot Springs as their reason for candidacy and service.

Barbara Anable

Hot Springs

Editorial on 10/07/2018

Print Headline: Self-serving

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