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Dear editor:

I read a "Viewpoint" article on different news than criminals on the front pages. I find it odd that the "criminals" seem to be state representatives, ex-church secretaries and, in my opinion, people who foolishly waste the taxpayers' money. I am speaking about extending taxes for business rebuilding or grant money for homes that have no basic purpose other than to say they are on the National Register of Historic Homes. Does anyone getting a "grant" not realize that that is taxpayer money? The government has no money except what it collects from taxpayers.

I channel surfed and stopped on a Hot Springs committee meeting about what seemed to be "condemned homes" that owners hadn't torn down or brought up to code. The inspector had listed several citations to these properties and showed photos. I saw the photos and it looked to me like these ought to be torn down, yet people wanted "more time to make the improvements." Some had had years, yet no progress had been made, and then they were offered 30 more days after the properties are condemned to show progress in restoring the place. Excuse me, if I put in a window and a front door, the citation disappears and it's called "advancing the improvements." But the owner can then sit back for another few years, how stupid is this?

All these places claiming to use only volunteers to do the work, yet grant money is transferred into the owner's hands and no progress is made; I am talking about the Webb House that began restoration in 2014 and has received grants and donations, yet it still hasn't been restored, fish tale to me. And don't even get me started on the Mid-America Science Museum.

I do sincerely hope at the November election that we see a change in our local electives and if I could stop foolish spending at the city level, believe me I would. Gov. Hutchinson isn't the only one who needs to cut out a few wasteful areas at the state level, citizens need to do so at the local levels.

Just my thoughts,

L.J. Gibson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 10/07/2018

Print Headline: The taxpayers' money

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