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Dear editor:

Is anyone really surprised that, as The New York Times has reported, Donald Trump and his family systematically manipulated their IRS tax returns over decades? Possibly even filed illegal or false returns, and at the least, used unscrupulous methods that are unavailable to the rest of us, or that we have the morality to not engage in?

I, for one, am not shocked. Kudos to the Times for great reporting. Certain to be tweeted as "fake news." After all, this is a man who has been proven a serial adulterer, who by the count of both The Washington Post and Politico has told more than 4,000 lies, falsehoods and misleading information since taking office. A man who has paid off women for their silence in his sexual escapades. A man who gets up and tweets insulting comments every morning to anyone he thinks has offended or insulted his enormous ego. It should surprise no one about his taxes or that he won't release his current personal ones.

Now, here come the rebuttals. I'll save the letter writers the time: Rick Cherry, Larry Bauer and Mike Williams will harp on the economy. Lloyd Hoffman and Donald Cunningham will find a biblical verse or two to justify the immorality of Trump. Jack Sternberg will resurrect his "bedside manner" argument. And then Mary Robinson will say "Hillary Clinton, Benghazi" over and over.

At what point do we all just admit we made a mistake and elected an immoral charlatan?

Casey Alexander

Mount Ida

Editorial on 10/07/2018

Print Headline: Trump news no surprise

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