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12:12 p.m. update:

The Garland County Election Commission says all early voting locations in Garland County were reopened before noon.

12:06 p.m. update:

The Democratic Party of Arkansas sent the following email to supporters this morning regarding the ballot problem in Garland County, urging voters not to cast ballots if they don't see secretary of state candidate Susan Inman's name on the ballot:

"This morning, we were alerted that Secretary of State candidate Susan Inman was mistakenly left off the ballot in Garland County. County officials are working quickly to fix the problem, but if you go to vote and do not see Susan Inman's name on your ballot, do not cast your ballot and please tell your poll workers immediately," said the email, sent by Reed Brewer,

Democratic Party of Arkansas communications director.

"If you encounter any issues at the polls or with your ballot, please call the Democratic Party of Arkansas's Voter Protection hotline at 501-246-0060. We have a team of experienced attorneys working to resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible."

Original article:

Garland County's four early voting locations were shut down Monday morning after a ballot issue was reported.

A Garland County election official said that the Garland County Election Commission building, one of the county's four early voting locations, was closed for around 30 minutes due to a ballot issue.

The official said the other three locations are currently closed, but should be open shortly.

Several callers to The Sentinel-Record have reported that the name of Susan Inman, the Democratic candidate for Arkansas secretary of state, was left off the General Election ballot in Garland County.

Vicki Garner with the Brenda Brandenburg for Hot Springs mayor campaign, called the newspaper Monday morning saying the Garland County Election Commission closed the polls until further notice.

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