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Dear editor:

Just witnessed another senseless wreck in Hot Springs. People injured and suffering, property damaged, lives interrupted -- nothing good.

I believe 90 percent of all wrecks and near-wrecks not involving alcohol or drugs are caused by In Attentive Drivers (IAD). These are drivers who don't care about their own safety or mine, or they are too stupid to realize they are endangering everyone around them.

I conducted a very informal survey over the last month, involving our city streets, the expressway, Highway 70 and Interstate 30 to Little Rock. I know I am not a perfect driver, but I was shocked at the sheer number of IAD that I saw. Stop signs are treated as yield signs, and yield signs barely require slowing down. It becomes my problem to get out of the way of these drivers.

Another serious problem is weaving in and out of traffic lanes while speeding. Again, it becomes my problem when someone swerves into my lane right in front of me, and then more often than not, they immediately slow down to exit or turn right within the next 200 feet.

I don't understand the nonuse of turn signals. I suppose people are trying to save energy by not using their lights or are too busy talking, eating, drinking or texting.

By far, the most consistent idiotic driving I saw, almost on a daily basis, was oncoming cars speeding around a blind curve. Of course, they cross the centerline, into my lane, because they don't want to slow down.

I ranked the following groups of drivers based on the frequency of exhibiting IAD qualities:

• Commercial/business drivers, such as plumbers, electricians, etc.

• Any vehicle pulling a trailer, such as lawn maintenance, construction, etc.

• "Professional" drivers, such as police, cabs, semi-truck.

• SUV drivers.

• Jeep drivers.

Nothing will change for the better until law enforcement starts to enforce the existing traffic laws. Yours and my safety matters.

M. Morrison

Hot Springs

Editorial on 09/05/2018

Print Headline: Inattentive drivers

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