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It's that time of year, faithful readers.

One familiar adage reminds us that "April showers bring May flowers," and a not so familiar saying tells us that "April cold and wet fills barn and barrel." (Source: Mama Lisa's World, a blog on International Music and Culture.)

For those Hot Springs and Garland County residents born under the Sign of the Ram (Aries), a few bars from "April Love" (Pat Boone) or "April in Paris" (Count Basie) might also be apropos.

Best wishes to everyone who embarks optimistically on this fourth month of the calendar year and from this literary corner, we start off with a well-deserved "Thumbs-up" to everyone involved in the inaugural fundraiser for The Caring Place, "a special place of support and fun for people with Alzheimer's and dementia" (and for their families and caregivers, too.)

Special kudos go to one of The Caring Place's young volunteers, Marie Linden-Cox, who recognized the need for more scholarships for participants who may require financial assistance to attend the respite care center.

Linden-Cox contacted Maxwell Blade, who agreed to do a show with proceeds going to the scholarship fund that is administered by a committee at The Caring Place. She also organized a silent auction in conjunction with the show.

Because of her vision and hard work and the support of so many others, nearly $4,000 was raised for a most worthy cause.

A related "Thumbs-up" goes to the March 29 luncheon and style show fundraiser for the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund at Hot Springs Country Club. Attendance for the nonprofit organization's 10th annual event -- nearly 200 -- affirms its support throughout our community. For the 2019 spring semester, the group awarded 29 scholarships totaling $21,400.

The continuing success of this fundraiser and the program it serves is due in large part to the tireless efforts of its planning committee members: Helen Bumpas and Kay Ekey, co-chairs, Amy Whorton, Lynn King, Dawn Cattaneo, Terri Marshall McKissack, and Mari Simmons. Special thanks also go to Laura Williard, ASPF regional program manager, Carla Mouton, emcee, Kiesha Cummings, a scholarship recipient who shared her story and Kathleen Dockery, guest pianist, who donated her services.

And a tip of the hat to the boutiques, models, sponsors, generous businesses and individuals who donated items for the silent auction and restaurant gift cards for the "meal deal" board

Here is a "Thumbs-up" to Karma Turner, Lake Hamilton computer science teacher, who recently was named Arkansas' recipient of the Aspirations in Computing Educator of the Year Award.

The award that honors Turner, who has taught for 24 years, is from the National Center for Women and Information Technology, chartered in 2004 by the National Science Foundation.

According to The Sentinel-Record's March 27 news story about Turner, NCWIT annually recognizes around 70 state-level recipients and has recognized more than 500 educators in the past 15 years. NCWIT's outstanding educators "play pivotal roles in encouraging young women to explore their interest in computing and technology and recognizes their efforts and commitment to promoting gender equity in computing."

Congratulations to Karma Turner for her positive influence in an important course of study.

By the same token, a Hot Springs resident sends out a "Thumbs-up" and a big "Thank you" to the courteous shopper who recently came to her assistance at the Kroger Store on Airport Road.

The woman said that she had gone to the store "for just a few things" and the one item she needed was on a top shelf and well out of her reach.

"This gentleman must have noticed me looking around for help and so he stepped forward and said, 'Let me get that for you.' I certainly appreciate his kindness."

Speaking of that particular Kroger Store, here's a "Thumbs-up" for another kind deed this writer recently witnessed there. While emptying my cart of two small bags, I noticed a man wearing a red cap picking up a woman's purse and looking around to see if he might catch the person who left it in her cart. Just then, a woman and her friend rushed back into the entryway and she saw him with her handbag.

She thanked him profusely and he went on about his business with a smile.

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Editorial on 04/03/2019

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