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Thank you, Sen. Clark

Dear editor:

Garland County residents owe state Sen. Alan Clark a huge thank you for all his hard work in trying to get us some fairness from the city with our water/sewer bills. But, the massive political power of Hot Springs again prevailed, keeping us enslaved. The water/sewer service is obviously a for-profit business (the city used $1 million of those funds to help pay for their new radio system, a duplicate of the new county system). Plus, there is plenty of water capacity to supply several new hotels within the city limits.

And again, there is a solution. The Garland County Quorum Court must get off their hands, quit paying money into the Metro Partnership, and use that money to contract an engineering study for a new county water system or joining/upgrading another existing system. The infrastructure is ours, paid for by our bonds, and in good condition. Year after year, the city has literally thumbed their noses at us. Let us act, now!

Jim Pumphrey

Garland County

Thiessen rehash

Dear editor:

Re: Marc Thiessen of April 5. He rehashed a previous piece trying to shame people who legally and dutifully did their jobs investigating the obvious collusion between Trump and Russia. The investigation was already well underway during the 2016 campaign. Trump and his people were meeting with Russians and the FBI was all over them! Most of those people then lied about it to cover for Trump and now they are going to jail! The FBI was doing its job. Then Comey announced his investigation of Hillary's emails (something Trump and his whole cabinet are now guilty of) but kept Russia secret!? Trump fired Comey a Republican, and Republicans got another Republican, Robert Mueller to continue to find all the Russian collaborators. After the Trump Russia summit Putin was asked live on international television "Did you want Trump to win and did you do anything to help him?" Putin said "Yes" and "Yes." Now Barr was hired by Trump because of Barr's belief you should not indict a sitting president. Barr is covering for Trump.

I hope everybody moves on, though, because Trump has gotten away with everything his whole life. His father taught him how to cheat since he was 4 years old. The scope of Russian interference will never be told to the public because we would lose faith in the system. Mr. Thiessen can try to shame people hired and elected to make sure Trump and his minions are brought to justice. That is freedom of speech at its worst. There is only one ultimate authority, God. Trump will still have to answer for all his crimes eventually!

Scott Ruff

Hot Springs

Editorial on 04/10/2019

Print Headline: Wednesday's Letters to the Editor

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