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Kudos to Porter

Dear editor:

I am sure that many others also look forward to the columns written by Harry Porter. Great wit about the ironies of daily life are in his writings. Mr. Porter details the pain of daily aggravations.

In moving here, I lost my Oxford books, including Chekhov. So, I might not be correctly quoting Chekhov in this declaration word for word, but he basically said, "I can survive disasters, but the aggravations of daily life will kill me." Personally, I would rather skip the disasters and have a nice day, every day! I promise that I would never get bored. Which reminds me of what my grandmother from England would say, "No troubles and no anguish would not bore me at all. I would rejoice in such good fortune."

Nazi bombings of London had her wishing for trouble-free. Well, I must thank Mr. Porter for writing his informational and entertaining columns.

Paula Woodman

Hot Springs

Respect is earned

Dear editor:

I really enjoyed Mary Robinson's April 8 comments, because it was her shortest ever (44 words only). Also, it was the first time I can recall that she did not blame President Obama, and Hillary, for all the ills in this world!

I, too, can say God Bless America! Not Trump; respect is earned, not granted. The man does nothing but tell lies, breed hate and downgrade everyone! I doubt he is even a Christian!

Mary, with her blinders on as she goes through life, I suggest she spend her time defending Trump rather than attack others. He's president now!

Tom Bamrick

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 04/12/2019

Print Headline: Friday's Letters to the Editor

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