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Trump doesn't appease

Dear editor:

It absolutely astounds me that seemingly intelligent people can come to completely contradictory and diametrically opposed opinions and conclusions when considering the same information.

Take, for instance, Sunday's letter to the editor by R. Bruce Smith. He writes about a book analyzing Chamberlain's appeasement of Hitler before WWII and his bungling efforts towards the Nazis. Also the complicity of the BBC media in hiding his actions and Chamberlain's control of the press. And how the British parliament finally had him resign and replaced him with Winston Churchill who had for years appropriately understood the Nazi threat.

My wife and I were thrilled as we read his letter believing he was pointing out the problems associated with President Barack Obama's presidency. How Obama had appeased and did nothing when Russia took over Crimea and when North Korea shot off ballistic missiles and detonated nuclear bombs. How he gave Iran $150 billion dollars and signed a flawed nuclear agreement with Iran. How about his wanting a lousy trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership and doing nothing to improve previously flawed trade deals, which only lost Americans jobs and moved companies overseas?

I thought he was talking about the mainstream media being almost totally behind Obama, never scrutinizing his life before the presidency or his actions while president. A media that was complicit with Obama and totally ignored what should have been scandals such as Fast and Furious, the IRS going after conservative organizations, Benghazi and of course, Hillary Clinton's unlawful behavior.

Finally, the American people replaced him with President Trump who understood the worldwide menace and the Washington swamp.

But, to my amazement, Mr. Smith was not talking about President Obama. He was comparing President Trump to Chamberlain.

How could that be? Trump has not appeased anyone, as did Chamberlain and Obama. His "carrot and stick" approach to Putin (Russia), North Korea's Kim Jong-un and Iran have been anything but appeasement.

The mainstream media hates Trump and does everything in its power to denigrate him, his policies and ignores his successes. It is far from him having any control over the media. Actually, it's just the opposite.

Trump has re-written bad trade deals such as NAFTA. He is attempting to renegotiate our terrible trade imbalance with China. He has stood up to NATO and insisted they pay their promised share of expenses. He has convinced Mexico that it is in their best interest to stem the flow of illegal immigrants across their country and stop them from coming into the U.S. He has made policies, which have incentivized corporations to move back to America, employ more Americans and to expand. These policies have lowered unemployment to historical levels and have raised our GDP and many American's standards of living.

So, how do we see things so differently? I wish I knew and understood.

But I do believe this. Only God knows the absolute truth. The rest of us only have opinions.

Jack Sternberg, MD

Hot Springs

Editorial on 08/06/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letter to the Editor

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