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Just wants 'the truth'

Dear editor:

I just heard such a run-down on past actions of Rev. Al Sharpton, my head is swimming!

Maybe a conservative would send us his repertoire for the last 25 years? The Rev. Al who is the new darling of the 2020 candidates.

Conservatives (especially President Donald) have to weigh every word that we say, knowing it will be scrutinized, analyzed, pulverized, demonized, yet I haven't heard one Democrat attack "tell Vlad I can be more flexible after the election," "what does it matter at this point, who killed them?" "half of conservatives are a basket of deplorables," not one word about Democrats throwing rocks at cops, busting business' windows, burning cars in the street, burning the flag, Dems who are complacent with those refusing to stand to honor our flag and country, not a word about planted Democrat screamers at the Kavanaugh hearings, no word from Democrats when Democrats run Republicans out of restaurants, Democrats pouring water on cops, a Democrat breaking Ron Paul's ribs, a Democrat shooting Steve Scalise, nearly killing him. Silence!

Democrats are sympathetic to decorated veteran Bob Mueller and his army of Trump haters, but nary a whisper for decorated veteran Mike Flynn and the contrived perjury trap set for him. Breaking him and jeopardizing his son's future if he didn't cave. That's all Democrats.

And if Donald Trump says rat-infested Baltimore is rat-infested, he's racist. Mr. Cummings' boomerang hit him right between the eyes, but that's not the way the press will play it.

(Thanks and God Bless to the kind words. You know who you are. When I get kicked by the left, I just sit back and think about Hillary's victory party and say "Thank You Lord!" Works every time!)

Just published were the names of the top 10 most crime-ridden, filthy cities in America. All 10, run for decades by Democrats. They ignore their own responsibility, what they were elected to do, to bad-mouth President Trump. They need to look in the mirror and care for their suffering people. These cities all get big bucks from the government. Where is it? The kids are doing so poorly in school that they are not proficient in English or math. Any human being who allows this to happen has no business pointing their finger! It's disgusting.

One more "big one" that Democrats got away with. What do you think would happen if a Republican, during a Democrat presidency, said: "I've thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House?" Donald Trump hasn't said anything that comes close to that, but it went under the rug. No front page story; that's reserved for Trump.

I detect in some of our articles, in a rub between Trump and a U.S. Adversary, a slight lean to the foe. That's hate! From the dark side.

Hillary and her crew broke laws and so far, has gotten away with it. Just the truth, that's all we want. Amen!

God Bless America. America Bless God. God Bless President Donald J. Trump.

Mary Robinson

Hot Springs

Editorial on 08/12/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letter to the Editor

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