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Bravo to Pocket

Dear editor:

We have a golden gem in Hot Springs: The Pocket Community Theatre, made up by volunteers. Yesterday, my friend and I went early to sit down close because she has a hearing deficit. We expressed our concern and they escorted us to front-row seats.

To my delight, the production of "Chicago" was of the highest quality. The dedication of the cast and crew should be applauded for their genuine effort in time and their love for their craft. The talent was amazing. It was obvious that many hours went into this show. These people have gifts and they brought them to us. The audience gave them a standing ovation.

Having myself participated in repertory theatre, I know about the hard work and time involved in bringing a show to fruition. Thank you for presenting a first-class show to Hot Springs. I plan to purchase season tickets. The next show is "The Mouse Trap," an Agatha Christie mystery in October. I will be there. If you have not attended a production, then you should. It is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.

Bravo to all who participated in this experience. It was a real treat!

Janet Mauk

Hot Springs

Robotic politicians

Dear editor:

Robots could replace our Arkansas representatives and senators. They could be programmed just to vote with the rest of the Republican party like the ones in office now and without consideration for what is best for the nation. This shows up in the voting reports in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. They all vote in unison. When contacted about a viewpoint they say they have a voter mandate to do what they are doing but will keep your thoughts in mind. They seem to believe they must support the priorities paid for by the Koch Brothers and other donors. This does not make good decisions. We could replace them with robots with artificial intelligence that could formulate the best solutions without bias. Another option would be to do away with them altogether and set up a default vote for Arkansas that would automatically register their vote the same as the others Republicans. This would save the money by not having them in office.

John F. Kennedy said do not do what is best for the Democrats or the Republicans, but what is best for the country. Very few today in either party consider what is best for our country but what might support their getting reelected. It has been a long time since we have had politicians doing what is best for the country.

Jerry Wayne Davis

Hot Springs

Fossil fuels a necessity

Dear editor:

I am appalled at the complete ignorance of our politicians and the media regarding the importance of fossil fuels to the world's standard of living.

Without fossil fuels, we will revert back to using wood for heat and riding horse-drawn carriages. Besides using fossil fuels in our cars, trucks, trains, tractors and planes, there are many other essential products that start with fossil fuels. All plastics, asphalt roads and tires are made with fossil fuels. There are many other diverse products essential to our present society that incorporate fossil fuels.

The fossil fuel industry has spent billions of dollars over many years to reduce the environmental impact on our planet. Unfortunately, the United States has spearheaded these advances with a few other countries while the rest of the world does nothing.

Jack McKinney

Hot Springs Village

Editorial on 08/13/2019

Print Headline: Tuesday's Letters to the Editor

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