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The nonprofit family

Dear editor:

In our family, Tim Culbreth is the executive director of Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas, Sallie Culbreth is the community relations director of Cooperative Christian Ministries and Clinic, and Anne Quinn is the director of operations of Garland County Habitat for Humanity. We have spent our entire adult careers in nonprofit work because we believe in service to our fellow humans and our community.

We're writing this letter as a family, not as our nonprofits, but here's what we'd like you to know: the nonprofits in Garland County provide vital services that make our community a better place for all of us. From recovery to poverty reduction to affordable housing, health care, child welfare, literacy, emergency shelter, homeless outreach, education, animal welfare, feeding the hungry, or the arts, nonprofits are asked to do more and more with fewer and fewer resources.

Yes, nonprofit work is rewarding, but it is also exhausting because not only do we provide vital services -- often with life-or-death consequences -- but we must also raise every dime to make sure the work we do gets done. We know the constant drumbeat of fundraisers and financial appeals can be overwhelming. We feel that, too.

This Tuesday, Dec. 3, is a global day of giving known as #GivingTuesday. You'll hear from a lot of us over the next few days and we hope you respond by taking a hard look at the amazing work that nonprofits in our community do and choose a few to support (if you need suggestions, we might be able to help!). But beyond #GivingTuesday, nonprofits continue our work year-round and we need this community's support year-round.

As a family, it is a privilege to serve those helped by our respective nonprofit organizations. As a community, now, more than ever, nonprofits need you to help make this world a better place for all of us. This is a call to action -- a call to donate, volunteer, and support the organizations you love and the missions they fulfill -- year-round.

Tim Culbreth

Executive director, Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas

Sallie Culbreth

Community relations director, CCMC

Anne Quinn

Director of operations, Garland County Habitat for Humanity

By title only

Dear editor:

If anyone besides Ed Cherry and Jack Sternberg still believe Donald Trump to be a moral, ethical human being, all doubts should be laid to rest this week with his pardoning of disgraced Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, and subsequent termination of Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.

Having been in the military and serving two terms in Vietnam, I know when members of your own unit inform and testify against you, it is one of the hardest things they'll ever have to do, and it means you have crossed the line. Although Gallagher was found not guilty of most charges in a botched trial, he was found guilty of taking "victorious" pictures with the corpse of a teenager he had killed. During the investigation itself, military police discovered a live grenade in the garage of his home. That alone should send him to Leavenworth.

Donald Trump, having skirted duty in Vietnam due to his bone spurs, doesn't understand the mentality, spirit, nor code of our armed forces. In Vietnam, we heard horror stories of what was happening to captured American soldiers and Marines. That, not a sense of liberating South Vietnam, was the motivating factor in how hard we fought. You didn't want to get captured.

The easy thing to do would be to take out our frustrations on captured Vietnamese. Fortunately for my unit, we had a seasoned and intelligent NCO in charge, and he pointed out that if word got back to the Viet Cong and the villages that we were committing atrocities, we were in effect becoming the most effective recruiter for the enemy.

Military tribunal aside, Gallagher's actions undoubtedly fall into the category of "Conduct Unbecoming," and he should have been stripped of any and all rank and benefits. with a dishonorable discharge.

True veterans who have seen combat get that, and don't approve of Trump's support for a disgrace to the uniform such as Eddie Gallagher. "Commander in chief?" I don't think so. In title only.

Gunnery Sgt. Ron Collins, USMC retired

Hot Springs

Editorial on 12/01/2019

Print Headline: Sunday's Letters to the editor

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