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Points to ponder

Dear editor:

I appreciate L.J. Gibson's response to Bill Wiedman's letter of Jan. 8, which appeared in the Jan. 20 issue.

Some points L.J. makes I totally agree with. First, L.J. is right in addressing Bill as a "gentleman," for he is. Those who know him would agree, also. Secondly, the statement that "Education in a classroom is quite different from life experiences, yet both are an education." I have five earned degrees and spent 47 years attempting to teach junior high, senior high, college and university students the meaning and proper use of words, the best ways to write, the fundamentals of reading all kinds of literature, and the appreciation of various forms of literature. But I always stressed, especially with seniors, that a diploma did not mean they were fully educated. I encouraged travel, reading much, and being able to converse with all people on their level of understanding.

I also agree that we often elect folk to Congress who regardless of a formal education demonstrate a lack of common sense. I hesitate to use the word "fool," however, for our Lord in the Gospels does not recommend that.

Now other points that L.J. makes I totally disagree with. First, one should be aware that the original meaning of the word "myth" is something that a group believes in and is dedicated to, not the more common definition of something unreal. Mores and customs of any group are based on a central "myth." Hence, many religions exist in the world. Therefore, Bill's use of that word is with the original meaning I suspect. Second, L.J. suggests a nonbelief in science, when in fact, much science and the Bible are in harmony. Science continues to help us understand the uniqueness of this universe. L.J. may not know that hundreds of science teachers and many scientists are devout Christians and Jews. Thirdly, I wish L.J. would be more open to the fact that climate change is real, not a hoax. Hundreds in our government are aware and are warning of future problems our great grandchildren will deal with. Of course, if L.J. and others cannot accept change as a reality of the universe, they will never accept climate change. How do they accept changes in technology from covered wagons to jet planes, from telegraphs to smartphones? I hope L.J. will ponder these matters.

John W. "Doc" Crawford

Hot Springs

Editorial on 02/04/2019

Print Headline: Monday's Letter to the Editor

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